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Engineering Services Atlanta GAThe ground conditions throughout the metro Atlanta area pose a number of challenges for building foundations. In some areas, the dirt is granular and loosely packed while in others it has a soft, clay-like consistency. Due to these conditions, many buildings settle unevenly over time, which can cause cracks to form in the foundation. Other buildings may shift or sink and require a more extensive foundation repair solution such as underpinning or helical pier installation. Here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, our team of geotechnical experts and structural engineers specializes in a full range of foundation repair methods. If you’re concerned about the condition of your foundation, we can perform a thorough inspection of your structure and surrounding property to identify any problems that exist and devise a solution based on your specific needs.

Engineering Expertise

As the only commercial foundation repair company in the area with an in-house structural engineering department, we are able to provide a level of expertise and comprehensive repair service that other companies simply can’t offer. We specialize in:

From the early planning and design phase of your project and throughout the entire construction process, you’ll have the guidance and oversight of a knowledgeable structural engineer to ensure that everything is completed properly and as efficiently as possible. Our team can assist if you’re planning to construct a building from the ground up and you need a new foundation designed, or if you need to address damage on an existing foundation.

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To find out more about the engineering services we provide to businesses and property owners throughout the Atlanta area and beyond, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. We would be happy to discuss your project with you in more detail and devise a solution that’s custom-tailored for your needs.