Installing Galvanized Helical Piers for Businesses in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Galvanized Helical Piers Atlanta GAAs one of the leading commercial foundation repair companies serving businesses throughout the Atlanta area, Engineered Solutions of Georgia specializes in the installation of galvanized helical piers. A helical pier is a foundation pin used to provide support for structures that are built on weak soil and have begun to sink or settle unevenly. These large, metal screw-like pins are drilled into the soil at strategic intervals around the base of a building until they affix to a sturdy substrate that is capable of bearing the weight of the structure.

Advantages of Using Galvanized Helical Piers for Foundation Repair

As the name suggests, galvanized helical piers are made of steel that has undergone a galvanization process. This means they’ve been coated with a protective layer of zinc that makes them incredibly resistant to rusting or other forms of corrosion, so your building will have long-lasting support. Another major advantage of using galvanized helical piers for foundation repair is that they do not require time to cure like concrete poured piers do. This means your foundation repair project can be completed quicker so you won’t have to close your business for any longer than necessary.

Our Helical Pier Installation Process

During installation, we typically excavate a four-foot by four-foot area in each place where a helical pier will be installed. This excavation exposes the footing of the foundation, allowing us to install a heavy-duty cast bracket beneath it. Next, the galvanized helical pier is driven into the soil until it reaches load-bearing strata. We use pressure readings and a mathematical formula to determine how much each pier will hold to ensure that your structure will have the support it needs. Lastly, the bracket is bolted to the pier to lock everything firmly in0. place.

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