Helical Tiebacks Installed for Businesses in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Helical Tiebacks Atlanta GA

Much of the soil throughout the Atlanta, Georgia, area has a high water content, which means that it exerts a considerable amount of lateral hydrostatic pressure on building foundations. If enough pressure builds—especially after a period of heavy rain—it can cause the foundation walls to bow and possibly even cave in. If you’ve noticed your basement walls starting to bow, contact the geotechnical pros at Engineered Solutions of Georgia. As a full-service foundation repair company, we can install heavy-duty helical tiebacks to reinforce your foundation walls and prevent them from collapsing. A helical tieback is a large, metal shaft that is threaded at the end—similar to a giant screw. It is inserted through the foundation wall and into a solid substrate where it acts as an anchor.

Installation of Helical Tiebacks

The process of installing helical tiebacks is pretty straightforward. First, a hole is drilled in the foundation wall. Next, the helical tieback is screwed into the adjacent substrate, past the zone of soil that is oversaturated and moving towards the wall. This will secure the wall against further movement. Lastly, the hole in the wall is patched, much like you might patch the head of a nail or screw with putty so as not to detract from the wall’s appearance.

Advantages of Helical Tiebacks

One of the biggest advantages of helical tiebacks is that they have a very high load-bearing capacity that is proofed during installation. They can be also be designed to stop all types of movement from lateral soil pressure, making them a versatile foundation repair solution. Lastly, helical tiebacks can be installed rather quickly, sparing you from the hassle of a drawn-out foundation repair project.

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