Structural Repair Services

To maintain the health and extend the life of a structure or building, it’s absolutely necessary that it receive adequate repair. If its structural problems go untreated, and they’re severe enough, the building could very well collapse.

Foundation Repair

A foundation is the most important component of a building, without a solid one, a building can easy collapse. Our contractors specialize in different types of foundation repair services, curtailed to meet the specific needs of your structure. Learn more about our foundation repair services.

Pressure Grouting

Simply the process of pumping cement into voided spaces, pressure grouting is a major remedy for strengthening weak foundations. Learn more about our pressure grouting services.

Concrete Rehabilitation

Our foundation repair contractors are passionate about rehabilitating bad foundations and concrete structures. Through a variety of proven methods, we continue to lay the groundwork of success for concrete repair services.Learn more about our concrete rehabilitation services.


From the very early phases of the construction process, ESOG is there to implement design-build plans using advanced deep foundation solutions, that are sure keep virtually any type of structure safe, level, and sturdy. Learn more about our pre-construction foundation services.

Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting is a soil modification process that uses dynamic displacement to solidify soft or loose soils to create a solid foundation. Learn more about our compaction grouting services.


Tiebacks are steel rods that have an anchoring mechanism that is drilled through the ground, past the “unsuccessful” soil, and into sturdy soil that has the capacity to withstand the desired load. Tiebacks are commonly used to help support and stabilize foundations of both temporary and permanent structures. Learn more about our tieback services.

MudJacking and Slabjacking

This process lifts the concrete slab by pouring a slurry mixture into strategically placed holes in the surface, in order to make it level.Learn more about our mudjacking services.

Void Fill

Void filling is the procedure of filling in empty spaces under concrete surfaces with a durable material that will endure for a long period of time. There are many different types of material that can be used depending on the requirements of the application. Learn more about our void fill services.

Concrete Leveling

It’s almost inevitable that a concrete slab will become slanted or uneven, overtime. Our skilled concrete contractors implement state-of-the-art concrete leveling technology, to help make concrete slabs flat again. Learn more about our concrete leveling services.

Epoxy Injection

When concrete becomes victim to cracking, inserting epoxy resin into those cracks can keep it from eroding, but the weld that is created in the process can actually provide intense stability to the structure.Learn more about our epoxy injection services.

Soil Stabilization

When you’re having foundation issues, sometimes it’s best to get at the very root of the problem: the soil. ESOG’s soil stabilization techniques mechanically and chemically alter the soil below your foundation, so that your building or structure won’t suffer from its instability. Learn more about our soil stabilization services.

Pressure Grouting

Sometimes there are extremely weak areas in a foundation, but by filling these weak spots with cement under pressure, it can make the ground below, more stable.Learn more about our pressure grouting services.


This is an old, but very effective process for strengthening all types of foundations, but it’s most often used for shallow ones. Learn more about our underpinning services.

Many foundation contractors only focus on a limited selection of customers, however we offer foundation repair services to residential homeowners, commercial and industrial companies, and engineers. Contact us today to learn more about the different applications of our foundation repair services.

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