Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting is a soil modification process that uses dynamic displacement to solidify soft or loose soils, ultimately preventing or repairing sinkholes.
This process begins with drilling an injection rod into the ground to be treated and then injecting a stiff aggregate-based grout under controlled pressures and volumes in measured lifts in order to achieve the densified soil mass. Engineered Solutions of Georgia has used compaction grouting in many situations from pre-stabilizing soils for construction to soil stabilization of settling structures, lifting of large structures, to remediation of true Karst sinkhole repair and man-made trash-pits.

Compaction grouting requires coordination and a plan in order to be successful at this process. Soil type, grout type and consistency, and equipment capabilities are the biggest fundamentals to being successful at this process. ESOG has the experience and engineering capability to design a compaction grouting program for any project.

Since 2007, we have been supplying expert structural repair and geotechnical services in addition to commercial compaction grouting. These services include foundation wall repair, foundation piering, foundation restoration, foundation waterproofing, foundation crack repair, floor framing, floor leveling, pressure grouting, concrete rehabilitation, and concrete leveling in the metro Atlanta area and throughout the Southeast.

To learn more about our compaction grouting process in particular or to schedule a foundation inspection, contact one our experienced foundation contractors today.

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