Soil Stabilization

Although constructing a concrete slab that is level and even is extremely important, ensuring that the ground below it is stable is of the utmost importance. Soil stabilization is a method of mechanically or chemically altering natural soil, to make it more resilient.

Stabilization controls the expanding and contracting properties of soil – improving the load bearing capacity so that it can better support concrete slabs and foundations. From granular materials to swelling clays, this procedure can be used to remedy many different types of sub-grade elements as well.

Soil stabilization can be achieved with a variety of chemical additives, like portland cement or lime. It’s important to include soil stabilization testing as part of any stabilization project, because it allows us to determination the proper chemical additives and proportions to use in order to create a sturdier ground. At ESOG, stabilizing soil is one of our main undertakings. Our soil stabilization contractors realize that without a stable ground, a structure will never be all that it can be.