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Carbon Fiber Support Atlanta GA

A carbon-fiber support system is an application used to reinforce foundation walls that are bowing due to lateral pressure in the surrounding soil. These systems can also be used to stop overturning if used in conjunction with top restraint brackets. Carbon fiber support systems use heavy-duty straps that are made of carbon and Kevlar fibers. These straps are anchored to both the ceiling and the floor and then affixed to the wall using an epoxy. Here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we offer the best carbon fiber support system out there—the Fortress System. This foundation stabilization system is well-known for its ability to outperform all others on the market. The carbon-Kevlar straps used in this system are incredibly tough and boast ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 234,700 pounds per square inch—the highest in the industry—which makes them nearly five times stronger than steel.

Our Installation Procedure

Before installation, our technicians will grind a clean section of the wall approximately five and a half inches in width from the floor to the ceiling. This will provide a clean bonding surface for the epoxy. After applying a base coat of epoxy to the cleaned section of the wall, we will embed the carbon fiber Kevlar grid straps onto the wet epoxy and remove the air to let it cure.


One of the advantages of partnering with us to have a carbon fiber support system installed is that the Fortress System comes with a life-of-the-structure warranty through the manufacturer Fortress Stabilization. We also back all of the work we do with a triple warranty that covers material, labor, and design. That way, you can have total peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

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