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Commercial Foundation Repair Products Atlanta GAAt Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we’ve been repairing foundations, waterproofing basements, and providing ground remediation services throughout the Atlanta area for long enough to know that you can’t do good-quality work without using good-quality products and materials. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading manufacturers such as Ideal Foundation Systems, Con-Tech Systems, Fortress Stabilization Systems, and TEI Rock Drills to offer our customers long-lasting products that will provide a permanent solution to their foundation or waterproofing needs. Some of the most common products we install for our customers include:

  • Carbon Fiber Support – This foundation support system uses heavy-duty straps made of Kevlar and carbon fibers which are affixed to the foundation wall using epoxy and anchored to the floor and ceiling of the basement for extra support.
  • Galvanized Helical Piers – Helical piers are steel foundation pins that are strategically placed around the foundation of a building or other structure and driven into the ground to provide support.
  • Helical Tie Backs – These large metal shafts are threaded at one end, like a giant screw, and are inserted through a foundation wall or retaining wall and into a solid substrate where they act as an anchor to prevent bowing or collapse.
  • Mid Span Support Post – These reinforcements are used to lift and secure floor framing that has settled or provide extra support for building loads that have increased due to an addition being built.
  • Soldier Beams – These structural support components are often used in the construction of deep foundations, retaining walls, and other earth retention systems.
  • Sump Pump – Sump pump systems protect against flooding and can be activated automatically via float activator arms or pressure sensors or float activator arms, so they’ll provide flood protection even when you’re not on the premises.
  • Interior Water Proofing System – We can install a custom basement waterproofing system for your business using a combination of channel drains, sump pumps, vapor barriers, and more to meet the individual needs of your property.

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