Sump Pump with Battery Back Up


  • Used in waterproofing system where it is impractical to use gravity discharge

Installation procedure

  • An approximately 2’ diameter hole is cut through the floor of a basement or excavate in the floor of a crawls space approximately 2’ deep
  • The excavation is lined with a filter fabric to keep silt for entering the sump
  • A plastic perforated sump is installed in the hole and back filled using clean #57 drainage stone
  • Two sump pump are placed inside the sump and a back flow valve is plumed on the discharge lines
  • An sealed sump lid is installed and the floor or vapor barrier is detailed around the sump lid
  • A battery and charge is connected to the backup pump for operation during power outages


  • Primary pump can quietly remove up to 2100 gallons of water per hour
  • Battery backup pump removes up 13,000 gallons of water on one battery charge
  • Wall power recharges battery after power outage
  • Lid can be easily removed to service pumps