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Simply put, shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a building, vessel, trench, or other structure during construction or repair to prevent collapse. Foundation shoring is typically used when installing the foundation of a building. Once the footprint of the foundation is established, steel or concrete piles are driven into the ground, usually at intervals of two to four yards, around the perimeter. These are known as “soldier beams” or “soldier piles.” After the soldier piles are inserted, cement is applied to keep them firmly in place. Next, the soil is excavated from the footprint of the foundation until the appropriate depth is reached. At this point, concrete or wooden planks are placed between the soldier piles to create a retaining wall that will prevent the adjacent soil from collapsing into the excavated area while the foundation is constructed.

In a similar way, shoring is also used as a temporary earth retention system to support the walls of a trench during the repair of gas lines, water mains, or other underground systems. Shoring is an incredibly useful building and repair technique as it allows buildings, bridges, highways, and other structures to be constructed on hillsides, in valleys, or on other terrains that would otherwise be prohibitive to such work.

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Here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we can provide complete shoring, as well as deep foundation and underpinning systems to stabilize foundations of any size. Our team of experienced structural engineers brings more than 150 years of combined industry experience to every project we undertake, so no matter what type of building or repair project you have in mind, we can work with you to devise a cost-effective shoring solution to your unique situation. And, to ensure your peace of mind, we’ll back your project with a solid triple warranty that covers materials, labor, and design.

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To learn more about the shoring services that we offer for businesses and properties throughout the Atlanta area and beyond, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.

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