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Foundation Underpinning Atlanta GA

Engineered Solutions of Georgia is the premier foundation repair company serving Atlanta and surrounding areas. As such, we specialize in a number of foundation repair techniques, including underpinning. Underpinning is a century-old technique that’s used to strengthen the foundation of a building or other structure. By increasing the depth, and in some cases the breadth, of the foundation, underpinning can help it better manage the weight of the overlying structure.

Traditional Underpinning

There are a few different types of underpinning, but the most basic method, often referred to as “traditional underpinning,” entails digging box-like holes below an existing foundation, and strategically pouring concrete into these holes. Traditional underpinning is typically used when the existing foundation sits at a shallow depth, generally no more than 50 feet. Since it does not employ the use of heavy machinery, this is often one of the most cost-effective methods of foundation repair. Also, because they are not disturbed during traditional underpinning, buildings can continue to be used during this type of foundation repair, which makes this method favorable for businesses that would prefer to stay open while repairs are made.

Micropile Underpinning

Another common method of underpinning involves the use of micropiles. Micropiles are small-diameter friction piles that are drilled and grouted into the ground. Unlike end-bearing piles, which use resistance from a sturdy substrate to support the load of the structure, micropiles use the frictional resistance force between the pile surface and the adjacent soil to distribute the load. Because micropile underpinning doesn’t require end-bearing resistance, it is a preferred method of foundation repair in instances where a strong enough substrate cannot be established.

A Lifetime of Support

Since 2007, Engineered Solutions of Georgia has provided reliable foundation underpinning services for clients across a variety of industries. With a team of geotechnical experts who possess more than 150 years of combined structural engineering experience, we can work with you to find a lasting solution to your foundation problems. Moreover, we back all of our work with a triple warranty that covers labor, materials, and design, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is well protected.

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