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Soldier Beams Atlanta GA

As the premier specialty construction company serving businesses and properties in the Atlanta area, Engineered Solutions of Georgia has extensive experience installing soldier beams for a number of applications. Soldier beams are structural support components commonly used to build retaining walls and other earth retention systems. When building a retaining wall, the soldier beams—which are also sometimes called “H” beams—are installed deep into the soil at intervals of between two and four feet apart and stand upright (like a soldier standing at attention). Long horizontal supports are then placed between the soldier beams to distribute the weight of the soil or other earthen material that the wall is holding back. These horizontal supports are usually planks of wood and are often called “lagging,” which is why retaining walls are alternatively referred to as lagging walls.

Soldier Beams for Foundation Support

In addition to the construction of retaining walls, we often use soldier beams to prevent foundation walls from bowing, overturning, or shifting due to lateral hydrostatic pressure exerted by saturated soil. In this case, the beams are bolted to the floor framing at the top of the wall and then anchored to the existing floor. Any void space between the wall and the beam is then filled with non-shrinking grout to ensure a durable support system. What’s more, we manufactured our own soldier beams using C5.7.8 steel members, so you can be sure they’re of the highest quality and will stand strong for the life of the structure. To ensure peace of mind in your investment, when you partner with us to have soldier beams installed, we will back your project with our ironclad triple warranty that covers materials, design, and labor.

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