Mid Span Support Post


  • To support under designed floor framing system
  • To lift and secure floor framing that has settled
  • To support additional loads due to additions

Installation procedure

  • A code compliant engineered footing is excavated to exceed code requirements
  • Steel reinforcing bar is installed in the excavation and the footing is poured using 3500 psi concrete (engineered Solutions never uses prefab deck footing because they are not code compliant and cannot always hold the loads imposed by the typical residential house)
  • The 3” steel support column is cut to length in the field and put in place using a top cap attached to the framing, a bottom plate anchored to the footing and a screw adjuster we have manufactured specifically for our post
  • The load is transferred to the posts and in some cases a lift is preformed


  • Less expensive and more effective than the block columns used before we manufactured steel support columns
  • Screw assembly Can take a ultimate load in excess of 40 thousand pounds
  • Can be custom manufactured to any size
  • Are code compliant and recognized in the engineering and home inspection community as the best floor framing support.
  • No shims are required (infinite adjustability)