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Sinkholes are holes or indentations in the ground that form when water carries sediment down into cracks in the bedrock. They tend to take shape from the bottom-up, as the sediment just above the bedrock is the first to be washed into the cracks. Most of the time, the ground on top of a sinkhole appears normal until a critical amount of sediment below has been washed away. Finally, when the soil surface can no longer support the weight, the ground collapses. This would truly be a catastrophe if it happened to your foundation. Whether you notice the smallest depression or you sense that your foundation might be going under, our sinkhole repair services will help put you back on solid ground.

Types of Sinkholes & Methods of Repair

Sinkholes typically fall into one of two categories: cover subsidence or cover collapse. Cover-subsidence sinkholes form as subterranean rock deteriorates and the thick sediment that once sat on top of the rock crumbles and falls down into the void. Cover-subsidence sinkholes tend to form slowly and usually give warning in the form of a circular depression in the ground. Cover-collapse sinkholes, on the other hand, form rapidly and without warning, making them much more threatening. Cover-collapse sinkholes are typically triggered by a weather-related event that affects soil structures such as a bout of heavy rainfall. In such cases, the subterranean sediment is quickly swept away creating an immediate void which causes the sediment cap to collapse, sometimes in as little as just a few minutes.

The method used to repair a sinkhole largely depends on the size, severity, and location of the sinkhole. One of the most common methods used when sinkholes form on or near commercial properties is compaction grouting, which includes drilling all the way down into the bedrock and injecting a cement-like material into the ground around the sinkhole to fill in any cracks and voids. Once this is done, additional grout is injected at the site of the sinkhole to re-densify and compact the sediment, thus bringing the depression back up to ground level. If the sinkhole formation caused damage to a building or other structure on the property, underpinning may also be required to re-level and re-stabilize the structure.

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