Concrete Leveling

Engineered Solutions of Georgia specializes in concrete leveling in both residential and commercial properties. Uneven concrete can cause many problems on your property and could be a potential danger for your family or potential customers for your business. Ensuring that your concrete is leveled and safe is our number one concern and we are here to help!construction plans with gloves and tools

Issues your Uneven Concrete Could Cause:

  1. Cosmetic Issues
  2. Broken corners and/or edges of concrete surfaces
  3. Tripping hazards
  4. Difficulty with landscaping
  5. Risk of drainage problems

Our Solution:

Leveling concrete is best performed by an experienced professional because if not done right the first time, you will end up with a bigger project than you anticipated. Our strategic procedure starts with handling the existing concrete slabs carefully giving our experienced contractors control over the lift of the existing slab. Holes are then drilled through the slab and a limestone-based slurry is pumped beneath the slab. This material fills the voided areas and helps reestablish the sub base. After the limestone-based slurry is set in the concrete, the slab can be used and your concrete will be level.

If you are looking for a fast, affordable and long lasting solution to your concrete slab repair needs, then Engineered Solutions of Georgia has the obvious choice for you. Our experienced professionals and contractors deliver a great and reliable service that we stand by. For a quote, feel free to contact us today!