Reliable & Efficient Soil Nailing Services for Atlanta, GA, Businesses

Soil Nails Atlanta GA

Soil nails are steel tendons used to support soil. They are cemented into pre-drilled holes to stabilize slopes, such as are often found on retaining walls or bridge abutments. When used with other products, like tiebacks for example, soil nailing can be a cost-effective method of stabilizing a wide area of slope. Here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we provide reliable soil nailing services to business and property owners in the Atlanta area.

How the Soil Nailing Process Works

When you contact Engineered Solutions to inquire about our soil nailing services, we’ll start by conducting a comprehensive geological evaluation of the soil structures surrounding the foundation site. If our geotechnical experts determine that soil nailing is the best solution for your project, our team of highly trained workers will begin by drilling holes deep into the ground. Next, they will install the steel tendons into the ground and tether them to the foundation of the structure. After that, they will set the cables in place and pour cement into the pre-drilled holes to make sure that everything is secure, leaving your building’s foundation even sturdier and more durable than before.

Comprehensive Warranty Protection for your Project

We back all of our geotechnical repair and support services, including soil nailing, with a triple warranty that covers design, materials, and labor, and will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind in your investment. What’s more, if we determine that soil nailing is not the right service for you, we also offer a variety of other foundation solutions including:

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