Are Cracks in the Foundation Normal?

Are Cracks in the Foundation Normal

Foundation cracks can be unnerving, but they’re actually not always cause for alarm. In fact, most small cracks in the foundation of a building, bridge, or other large structure are the result of a totally natural process called settling and can be fixed rather easily. However, there are situations where foundation cracks can suggest larger issues, and in such cases, they should not be ignored. But how do you know?

Diagnosing Foundation Cracks

The orientation of the foundation cracks can actually reveal a lot about what has caused them and how severe they are.

Vertical Cracks

This is the most common type of foundation crack and, thankfully, the most harmless. Vertical cracks, even if they do have a slight diagonal alignment, are typically the result of uniform settling which is not uncommon, even for new buildings. Vertical cracks are also the easiest and least expensive type of crack to repair. Generally, injecting epoxy or urethane into the cracks will do the trick, ensuring they don’t worsen as the foundation continues to settle.

Diagonal Cracks

These cracks are a bit more serious as they indicate differential settlement, i.e., different sections of the structure settling at different rates. Diagonal cracks often occur in the foundations of structures that are built on a hill. Diagonal cracks are repaired the same way that vertical cracks are, however, other foundation repair methods such as piering or underpinning may be required to prevent future cracking.

Horizontal Cracks

Cracks in a foundation that run horizontally are often bad news as they are not usually a symptom of settling, but of something more serious such as ground pressure, frost heave, or excessive backfilling. Horizontal cracks require the most extensive — and often most expensive — repairs, but if you notice such cracks, it’s important to have them fixed right away because, if left untreated, they can significantly compromise a building’s structural integrity.

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While not all foundation cracks are bad news, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent more serious damage from occurring. The experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia specialize in all kinds of foundation repair, from pressure grouting to piering, and would be happy to work with you to devise a lasting solution to your foundation needs. Contact us today to get started.

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