What Is the Best Foundation Repair Method Available to Commercial Property & Structure Owners in Atlanta, GA?

What Is the Best Foundation Repair Method Atlanta GAWhen searching for the best foundation repair or shoring method, there are typically several factors to consider. For one, what exactly is the damage? Are there cracks in the foundation walls or are they beginning to bow inward? Are there signs of water entry into the foundation, cracks in the floor, or unlevel concrete slabs? Secondly, how severe is the damage? Can it be repaired simply at the site of the problem, or are more extensive repairs required? Engineered Solutions can help you answer these questions and more to help you find the best foundation repair and shoring method out there for your commercial property in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

Top Foundation Repair & Shoring Methods

Here at Engineered Solutions, we perform a comprehensive examination of the problem plaguing the foundation and then formulate an honest solution that is designed to address the current issue and prevent future ones. Some of our most effective repair and shoring methods for commercial structures in the Atlanta, GA, area, include:

  • Helical piers – Helical piers can be installed to stabilize foundations and pull bowed walls back into place. Helical pier installation is a cost-effective, versatile foundation repair and shoring method perfect for project sites that are located near existing structures.
  • Pressure grouting – Pressure grouting is often implemented to repair settled foundations or to lift sunken concrete slabs back into place. It can also be used as a preventive shoring method to increase the load-bearing capacity of soils for foundation construction.
  • Shoring and underpinning – Underpinning is most often a preventive shoring solution, installed before any problems have arisen, but it is also commonly used after repairs to prevent future foundation damage. This method is designed to strengthen the foundation and provide structural support.

If you have foundation damage or simply need a shoring solution for a new construction, contact Engineered Solutions today and let us help you find the perfect foundation repair method for your project. We proudly serve the Atlanta, GA, area, and the surrounding communities.

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