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Commercial Foundation Repair Atlanta GA

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we specialize in a variety of foundation repair techniques. While much of the repair work we complete is on building foundations, we are also able to repair the foundations of other structures such as bridges, boardwalks, retaining walls, dams, and more. Since our founding in 2006, we’ve served countless clients across many industries throughout the Atlanta area and beyond, providing them with creative, cost-effective solutions. Our in-house structural engineering team brings more than 15+ years of experience to every project, so no matter what kind of foundation issues you’re experiencing, we are confident that we can provide a lasting solution.

Our Foundation Repair Services

We specialize in a number of building foundation repair methods, including:

Pressure Grouting

Also known as compaction grouting, this process involves injecting a cement-like mixture or polyurethane foam into the surrounding soil structures to fill subterranean voids and stabilize the foundation. Pressure grouting can significantly improve the bearing capacity of the soil, while also reducing the chances of settling. While pressure grouting with the cement-like mixture is highly effective in many cases, performing the process with polyurethane foam is faster and potentially more cost-effective.


Foundation piering is a repair technique used to stabilize and strengthen foundations that have settled or shifted due to soil conditions, poor construction, or other factors. It involves using helical piers, resistance piers, or a combination of both to transfer the foundation’s weight to more stable soil layers and prevent further settlement or movement. Helical piering uses large screw-like devices that grip the surrounding soil structures, whereas resistance piers are driven down to the bedrock and rely on the resistance of the underlying substrate to stabilize the foundation.


This foundation repair process entails driving steel, cement, or wooden columns deep into the ground to reinforce the foundation by transferring the weight of the structure to a greater depth. Piling can help prevent further settlement or movement and restore the foundation to its original level and stability.


This century-old method utilizes specialized techniques to build out the foundation vertically or laterally so that it can better support the load of the structure. Whereas traditional underpinning uses resistance from a sturdy substrate to support the load of a structure, micropile underpinning uses the frictional resistance force between the pile surface and the adjacent soil to distribute the load.

Warranty Protection for Commercial Foundation Repair

Whether your building’s foundation has just a handful of cracks that need to be repaired, or requires massive excavation and underpinning to bring it back to a level position, you can rely on our friendly and knowledgeable team to properly diagnose the situation and determine the best course of action while being mindful of your budget. Moreover, we back all of the work we do with a comprehensive triple warranty that covers materials, labor, and design, so you can have total peace of mind in your investment.

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To learn more about the building foundation repair services that we provide to businesses throughout the Atlanta area and beyond, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. We offer complimentary foundation repair consultations.


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