Trusted Commercial Foundation Repair in Decatur, GA

Engineered Solutions of Georgia isn’t just any commercial foundation repair contractor. We are a trusted partner for several businesses and property owners in Decatur, GA. Backed by a proven track record and a team of experienced geotechnical specialists and structural engineers, we are dedicated to ensuring the structural integrity of commercial buildings.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

At ESOG, we recognize that each commercial structure has its own unique needs, requiring customized solutions. Our range of commercial foundation repair services in Decatur includes various methods to address a wide range of foundation challenges. Our services include:

  • Installing helical piers – We use helical piers strategically placed in the soil to effectively distribute the weight of your commercial building. Our precise load-bearing calculations ensure stability and safety.
  • Installing push piers – Engineered Solutions of Georgia employs push piers to transfer the weight of your commercial property from unstable soil to more stable layers, providing long-lasting foundation support.
  • Strengthening with underpinning – We enhance the stability of your commercial foundation by extending its depth or adding new supports. Our underpinning techniques, including grout injection and pier installation, protect against settlement and structural damage.
  • Anchoring with tiebacks – Tiebacks, inserted into stable soil, provide essential reinforcement for temporary or permanent commercial structures. These steel rods anchor your foundation, ensuring its longevity and strength.

Partner With ESOG for Your Decatur, GA, Project

With more than 150 years of combined industry experience, cutting-edge techniques, and a commitment to excellence, the ESOG team is ready to strengthen and safeguard your commercial building for the long term. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

“Engineering solutions provided excellent customer service and able to answer all pre-work questions allowing me the comfort for the extensive work performed. Very professional company and willing to recommend their services in the future.”

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“Very knowledgeable, explains the process, quick scheduling, the crew were respectful, completed the job as scheduled & work was above par!!! We would Highly recommend them for any commercial/residential needs that you have.”

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