Expert Compaction Grouting Services Performed by Engineered Solutions for Birmingham, AL, Property Owners

Compaction Grouting Birmingham ALCompaction grouting is a geotechnical solution that involves injecting a durable liquid grout mixture down into the earth’s surface to compact loosely packed soils and provide stability. This method is used to shore properties where soil shifting or collapsing is a major concern. This is a common problem in Birmingham, Alabama, and the surrounding Piedmont region, and floor movement or soil collapses can cost property owners hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of dollars’ worth of damage. But there is no need to worry, because the professionals at Engineered Solutions offer reliable compaction grouting services.

For years, the design-build team at Engineered Solutions has helped many customers throughout Birmingham shore up their commercial properties and structures using our time-tested compaction grouting process, which includes:

  • Drilling deep down into the earth to displace soils and create a basin for the grout to collect and harden
  • Injecting our state-of-the-art grout mixture into the void where it forms a sturdy grout column or bulb to help densify the surrounding soils
  • Performing the first two steps as many times as needed to achieve the desired soil stability
  • Sealing of the hole to provide a sleek, finished appearance

We have utilized this compaction grouting method on commercial properties throughout the area and are confident that we can complete any geological support project, no matter how difficult. We are so confident in our work, in fact, that we offer a guarantee on all of our projects that spans the lifetime of the structure.

For more information about the compaction grouting services we offer to property owners in the greater Birmingham, AL, area, contact Engineered Solutions today. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation at your property.