Compaction Grouting Chattanooga TNCompaction Grouting Services Performed for Property Owners in the Chattanooga, TN Area

Engineered Solutions specializes in compaction grouting and other structural support services that are designed to improve the foundational integrity of structures in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or any of the surrounding areas. The compaction grouting method, sometimes referred to as pressure grouting or low mobility grouting, is the ideal response to the loosely-packed and granular soils that are found throughout the region. These fine-grained soils can shift easily, resulting in damaging sinkholes that can cost property owners a hefty penny for repairs, or worse, rebuilds.

Luckily, at Engineered Solutions, our compaction grouting methods are both effective and reliable and have been refined over the years through experience with commercial projects of various sizes and scopes. Whether there is a small section of your Chattanooga property that requires some extra sturdiness, or an entire patch of land that is in danger of a sinkhole, our design-build team has got you covered.

We can use our compaction grouting products, a slurry of cellular concrete, to help sturdy a project during construction or repair damage resulting from a sinkhole or floor shifting. This concrete mixture is commonly used to help shore bridges, dams, and commercial structures that become compromised over time. Other uses for our slurry grouting products include:

  • Filling and solidifying abandoned pipes
  • Curling slabs and preventing or repairing warehouse floor shifting
  • Jacking sunken or depressed slabs of concrete
  • And more

For more information about how compaction grouting services performed by our geotechnical experts can help to stabilize and shore up your building’s foundation, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. Feel free to give us a call or fill out the “contact us” form right here on our website to start scheduling a consultation for your property in Chattanooga, TN, or any nearby community. We look forward to providing you with an honest and engineered solution.

“Engineering solutions provided excellent customer service and able to answer all pre-work questions allowing me the comfort for the extensive work performed. Very professional company and willing to recommend their services in the future.”

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