What Is the Difference Between a Soil Nail and a Ground Anchor?

Soil Nails and Ground Anchors AtlantaGround anchors and soil nails are both geotechnical elements that are used to support structures, such as a warehouses, bridges, and roadways, as well as stabilize slopes and weak soils. They are installed to restrain a structure’s movement and hold it firmly in place on load-bearing soil or hold soil firmly in place after excavation. These methods are extremely important for commercial property owners in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the Southeast, as the area has loosely packed and weak soils that can compromise structures when they shift or move over time. Many commercial structure owners and builders opt for ground anchors or soil nails during construction of a commercial structure, but how do they know which one will work best?

The truth is, soil nails and ground anchors are similar in many ways. For example, both services create minimal disturbance to surrounding soils or structures. And, both methods can be installed easily and used for temporary support or long-term applications. But, the two geotechnical elements do have their differences.

Ground Anchors

A ground anchor is a load transfer system that is designed to transfer the force of or weight of a structure onto a competent, load-bearing soil. Compared to soil nails, ground anchors are a more traditional shoring method, and they are often used a cost-effective structural support measure for construction projects of commercial structures on stricter budgets. Ground anchors can be used for shallow shoring and support applications, as well.

Soil Nails

Soil nails are a more modern version of ground anchors. They are installed in increments during excavation and construction. Holes are dug and then long steel nails are inserted and cemented into place to hold soils in place or support structures. Compared to ground anchors, soil nails are more popular for steep slope excavations and stabilization. They are considered to be a “deep foundation” solution, especially compared to ground anchors.

Ground Anchoring and Soil Nailing Services from Engineered Solutions

The experts at Engineered Solutions can install both ground anchors and soil nails to provide structural support for commercial buildings throughout the Atlanta, GA, area. No matter which support service you require, you can count on us for lasting solutions. For more information about our services, contact us today.

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