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Epoxy Injection Atlanta GA

Epoxy injection is the method of inserting epoxy resin into cracks in concrete surfaces. Cracks allow moisture and other contaminants to compromise the concrete’s structural integrity and can lead to damage developing on the interior of a structure. Even very small cracks can spread over time, resulting in serious damage if not serviced. Epoxy injection not only protects the concrete from contamination and disintegration, but it also welds the structure together, reinforcing its strength. If you have a concrete structure that is riddled with cracks and needs to be repaired, you can turn to the foundation repair experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia for professional epoxy injection services. Since 2007, we’ve served customers across a wide range of industries throughout the Atlanta area and we would love to add you to our long list of satisfied patrons.

How Epoxy Injection Works

Our technicians will begin the epoxy injection process by inserting various injection ports along the crack or cracks that need to be repaired. Next, they will apply a coat of epoxy to the surface. This creates a seal that will prevent any of the bonding material from running out of the crack once it has been injected. They will also ensure that there are no gaps or bubbles in the epoxy seal and that the seal is dry before moving forward with the epoxy injection.

Beginning with the injection point nearest to the ground, they will fill the crack with epoxy until it begins to run out of the next port up. When this happens, they will cap the lowest port and move up to the next port, repeating this process until they reach the top. While epoxy injection is an effective method of repairing cracks in a concrete wall or other structure, it’s important to remember that it won’t repair the root cause of the cracking. In order to properly determine this, you may need to have a thorough inspection performed.

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If you would like to learn more about the epoxy injection services that we can provide for your business or property in the Atlanta area, or would like to schedule a free consultation to determine which foundation repair services would best address the issues you’re having, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.

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