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Grouted Pile Atlanta GA

As the premier specialty construction company in the Atlanta area, Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers a wide range of geotechnical and structural engineering services to commercial clients across a variety of industries. One of the most common services we provide for new construction projects is the installation of grouted piles.

What Are Piles?

In building construction, a pile is a long, post-like cylinder that is driven into the ground to provide support for a foundation. Piles can be made of timber, steel, concrete, or other materials, but they ultimately all serve the same function. When the soil at a construction site is weak or loosely packed, piles are installed deep into the ground until they hit solid bedrock. Then, the foundation can be built upon the piles, which transfers the weight of the load to the bedrock. Since the bedrock is sturdy, it is able to offer the support that the soil alone can’t provide.

What Are Grouted Piles?

While pile-foundation construction has been around for centuries, it has been fine-tuned by modern technology. These days, grouted piles are the preferred type of pile used in construction. Installing a grouted pile entails drilling a hole into the ground with a hollow, tube-like auger. Once the hole has been drilled, a cementitious grout is pumped through the auger until it fills the hole. The grout then hardens, leaving the grouted pile firmly in the ground. This method of pile construction is preferred as it is much more efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving than inserting precast piles into the ground.

Decades of Dedicated Service

Engineered Solutions of Georgia has worked with countless clients throughout the Atlanta area on projects both large and small. Our team brings more than 150 years of combined industry experience to every project we undertake and you can trust our in-house structural engineers to devise a long-lasting solution to your foundation repair needs.

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