Helical Piers Installed for Businesses & Commercial Properties in Charleston, SC

Helical piers installed in the groundHelical piers are geotechnical devices that are threaded at one end like an auger or large screw. They are commonly used to provide support for buildings and other structures that sit atop unstable soil.

If a building’s foundation is sinking because the soil beneath it can’t support the weight of the load, helical piers can be drilled down deep until they affix to a solid substrate and give the building the stabilization it needs. Helical piers can also be used when a new building is being constructed in an area with unstable soil, as they can provide additional support to prevent the new foundation from sinking. With more than 16 years of industry experience, Engineered Solutions of Georgia installs helical piers for projects throughout the Charleston, South Carolina, area.

What Does Helical Pier Installation Involve

To start the installation, the ESOG team inserts the helical piers into the soil around the foundation’s perimeter using a hydraulic drill attached to an excavator. We drive the piers into the earth until they attach firmly to a substrate that is strong enough to support the structure’s load capacity. Once the threaded end of the pier is anchored in the substrate, we attach the heads of the piers to the base of the structure, thereby restricting its movement. We then fasten brackets to the base of the foundation walls, effectively transferring the weight of the structure to the helical piers and preventing further foundation settlement.

Schedule a Consultation for Helical Pier Service

Since 2006, Engineered Solutions of Georgia has provided helical pier installation and other structural support services to commercial clients throughout the Southeast. For more information about partnering with ESOG for helical pier installation at your business or commercial property in Charleston, SC, contact us today. We offer complimentary consultations and can proudly back our work with a triple warranty that covers materials, labor, and design.

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