Fixing Foundation Problems Yourself…Should You Even Try?

How to Fix Foundation Problems Yourself

When something needs repair—be it leaky plumbing, a squeaky hinge, or a drafty window—zealous DIYers are often able to rise to the occasion. A couple of washers, some WD-40, a bead of caulk, and a bit of elbow grease—that’ll do the trick. However, fixing foundation problems is one project that, nine times out of ten, is probably best left to the professionals. Foundation repair often involves special tools or heavy machinery that the average person doesn’t have access to. What’s more, properly diagnosing the cause of foundation problems or the extent of damage that a structure has sustained requires expertise. And if you’re not sure how extensive the damage is or what caused it, how can you possibly come up with a lasting solution to address your foundation issues?

When to Fix Foundation Problems Yourself

The one scenario in which you could probably fix the foundation problems yourself is when they are just small cracks on the surface of the foundation. As concrete foundations settle over time, they develop small vertical or diagonal cracks—often called shrinkage cracks. While these cracks don’t usually affect the structural integrity of the building, they can be entry points for water, so it’s important to seal them up if you find them. If you’re somewhat handy, you can probably patch minor shrinkage cracks yourself using a store-bought foundation repair kit that contains a urethane grout or epoxy injection. However, if the shrinkage cracks you’ve noticed are more than an eighth of an inch wide, it’s best to consult a foundation repair professional.

When to Call a Foundation Repair Company

In all other cases, such as when a foundation is sinking or shifting, or if the cracks you’ve discovered are horizontal rather than vertical or diagonal, it is imperative to contact a foundation repair company. Oftentimes, such foundation problems can compromise a building’s structural integrity and potentially be hazardous for anyone in or near the building. Sinking or shifting foundations require complicated and often-invasive repair methods such as underpinning, resistance piering, helical piering, or poly lift systems to stabilize the foundation slab.

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When it comes to fixing foundation problems, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting up to the professionals rather than try to do it yourself. Since 2007, the team at Engineered Solutions of Georgia has provided reliable and long-lasting foundation repair services to clients across a wide variety of industries. For a free consultation in the Atlanta area, contact us today.

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