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When the soil that your building or commercial property sits atop is weak and loosely packed, shifting may occur, which can cause sinkholes and other subterranean voids to form. One of the most common methods of repairing weak soil structures in the Columbia, South Carolina, area is injection grouting. Also known as pressure grouting, compaction grouting, or permeation, this process entails the direct injection of a rockless, concrete-like material into the underground voids. This grout mixes with the soil particles, filling in all the empty spaces, and hardens to create a reinforced soil structure that is strong enough to safely bear the weight of your building or other structure.

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The company that Columbia, SC, residents have long turned to for injection grouting and other foundation stabilization services is Engineered Solutions of Georgia. When you contact us to inquire about pressure grouting, we will send a specialist to your property or structure to perform a thorough inspection. After carefully surveying your foundation and surrounding soil structures, he or she will make recommendations for how to best address your individual situation, be it small-scale injection grouting using a hand drill and a metering pump, or something more involved and requiring heavy machinery such as a drill rig.

With more than 25 years of combined experience, our in-house structural engineering department can provide you with the expert advice and professional services you need to protect your commercial property or structure from sustaining damage due to weak or shifting soil structures. Moreover, with our industry-leading triple warranty that covers materials, labor, and design, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.

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“Engineering solutions provided excellent customer service and able to answer all pre-work questions allowing me the comfort for the extensive work performed. Very professional company and willing to recommend their services in the future.”

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