An Effective Mudjacking Alternative Available to Lift Sunken Concrete Slabs in Birmingham

Mudjacking Birmingham ALMudjacking and slab jacking are concrete leveling methods that have been traditionally used to lift sunken slabs of concrete throughout Birmingham, Alabama, and other areas with loosely packed soils. While these techniques can be effective, they come with several drawbacks. For example, traditional slab jacking methods use a muddy concrete slurry that can make installation a tedious and messy process. These techniques also cause disruption to nearby concrete slabs, which can lead to additional damage – and expenses.

Thankfully, at Engineered Solutions, we proudly offer a modern mudjacking alternative that can effectively lift sunken concrete slabs back into place. Our poly jacking concrete leveling solution is ideal for warehouses, commercial buildings, and even roadways throughout Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas. So what makes our poly jacking solution so effective compared to traditional methods?

The Benefits of Engineered Solutions’ Mudjacking Alternative

Our poly jacking methods and materials are:

  • Cleaner – Unlike the muddy, messy slurries used in traditional mudjacking methods, our poly jacking solution is clean and installation is typically quick and tidy.
  • Easier to install – We only need to drill coin-sized holes into the concrete slab to inject our poly mixture and lift the slab back into place. Our design-build team is able to patch the holes easily after installation to produce a flawless finish.
  • Less disruptive – Our poly leveling methods cause minimal disruption to surrounding concrete slabs, which helps to prevent additional damage during installation. This saves our commercial clients both stress and expenses.

To learn more about our poly leveling concrete lifting services, contact Engineered Solutions today. Discover for yourself why countless commercial clients in the Birmingham, AL, area have opted for our methods over traditional mudjacking techniques.