Pipe Abandonment Solutions in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Abandoned Pipe Filling Atlanta GA

Abandoned pipes can create safety hazards and environmental problems. For example, pipes that are no longer functional may provide a place for animals or even children to enter and become trapped. Moreover, standing water in abandoned pipes can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. However, removing unused pipes can often be expensive and disruptive to the surrounding soil structures, especially if the pipes are large, so removal is often not a viable option. That’s why the geotechnical experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia provide effective pipe filling solutions. If there is an abandoned pipe on your property in the Atlanta area, we can seal it up by applying cellular concrete or cement slurry.

When it comes to filling abandoned pipes, it’s important to complete this job properly in order to avoid potential disasters from arising such as:

  • Bridge or roadway damage that may lead to cracking or even complete collapse
  • Contaminants such as bacteria or chemicals leaching into nearby groundwater
  • Foundational damage on commercial structures that are built over unused pipelines

The pipe filling services that we provide can protect against any of these potentially dangerous and expensive problems. To ensure peace of mind in your investment, we provide a comprehensive triple warranty that covers materials, design, and labor.

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