Pre-Construction Foundation Installation Services in Atlanta, GA

Pre-Construction Services Atlanta, GA

The foundation is arguably the most important element of any building. If a building has a weak foundation or is resting on unstable soil, it’s very likely to develop serious structural problems, and it may even collapse. A structure ought to be equipped with an extremely strong foundation in the early stages of construction so that the rest of the building can be built properly and so that future foundation repair issues will not develop. However, this is not always the case. Many buildings throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas were constructed on foundations that were not properly installed and, as a result, the buildings have begun to sink, settle unevenly, or develop other foundational and structural issues.

If you are planning to construct a building in the Atlanta area—or anywhere, for that matter—ensuring that you lay a proper foundation is the most important first step. That’s where Engineered Solutions of Georgia comes in. In addition to extensive foundation repair services, we offer pre-construction foundation installation services that can ensure your structure is built on a solid foundation. We can install any of the following pre-construction foundation installation services:

When you partner with Engineered Solutions of Georgia for pre-construction foundation installation services, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands. Our in-house team of structural engineers and geotechnical specialists brings decades of experience to every project we undertake and will be happy to work with you to devise creative, cost-effective, and custom-tailored solutions to your unique needs. Moreover, we back all of the work that we do with a comprehensive triple warranty that covers labor, materials, and design, so you can have complete peace of mind that the investment you’ve made in your foundation is well-protected.

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