Pressure Grout Injection Services Available from Engineered Solutions for Properties in the Columbia, SC, Area

Pressure Grout Columbia SCFor years, the pressure grout specialists at Engineered Solutions have helped clients throughout Columbia, South Carolina, shore up the ground beneath their commercial properties. Our pressure grouting process, sometimes referred to as compaction or injection grouting, involves drilling deep holes into the earth and filling those holes with a concrete, fluid-like cement slurry. The mixture fills the voids that exist beneath the earth’s surface and hardens to produce a study, uniform base.

Due to the loosely packed and unsteady soil conditions found throughout the Columbia region, pressure grout stabilization is an ideal solution for anyone looking to prevent damage to an existing structure or prepare a property for the construction of a building. In fact, pressure grout is a great option to resolve any number of geological issues and the subsequent damage they can cause, including:

  • Shifting soils – Soils throughout the Piedmont region tend to shift suddenly, which can cause floors to move, resulting in expensive damages and repairs. Injection grouting sturdies the soil and prevents shifting from happening.
  • Collapsed soils – When soils collapse, the results can be disastrous, especially if a sinkhole occurs. Thankfully, our pressure grout injection offers maximum protection against sinkholes and other earth depressions that can cause hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars’ worth of damage.
  • Deficient soils – When creating a new structure, commercial or otherwise, it is crucial that the foundation is built on top of a sturdy base to ensure that none of the above issues occur. Pressure grouting before construction ensures that the ground beneath your new building is sturdy, and its foundational integrity will remain intact for years to come.

Our geotechnical team can resolve any of these concerns using our pressure grout process. Additionally, we offer several other related grouting services, including slab jacking, slab curl, and pipe abandonment. We will work tirelessly to find the right solution for the exact requirements for your commercial property.

To learn more about the pressure grout services we perform for commercial, industrial, and municipal clients throughout Columbia, SC, and the surrounding areas, contact Engineered Solution today.

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