Pressure Grouting Chattanooga TN

Pressure Grouting Services Available for Commercial Properties in Chattanooga, TN

Pressure grouting has been shown to effectively stabilize and reinforce structures in Chattanooga, TN. Sometimes referred to as permeation grouting, this structural support service is one of the most reliable methods available for filling in the voids that exist beneath the earth’s surface due to the loosely-packed and unstable soil found throughout the Piedmont region. These openings can cause depressions, collapses, or even sinkholes on the earth’s surface, which can compromise the foundational integrity of an entire structure, resulting in thousands or millions of dollars’ worth of damage. Pressure grouting, and foundation other stabilizing services like it, offer a great way to ensure your structure is sound and built to last a lifetime.

Custom Solutions for Your Project

At ESOG, we do things differently. We’re not salespeople—we’re geotechnical specialists. When you partner with us for your ground improvement project, you won’t face aggressive sales tactics. Instead, we concentrate on delivering complete solutions. Before we proceed, we thoroughly examine the ground conditions at your construction site. Once we have the facts, we’ll suggest a ground improvement service designed exactly for your needs.

Because ground improvement is not a one-size-fits-all affair, we may recommend more than one method to address your project’s requirements. Rest assured, regardless of your project’s size, you will receive top-tier workmanship and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

In addition to typical pressure grouting, we also offer a range of similar support services that can help maintain the foundational integrity of your commercial structure in the Chattanooga area, including:

  • Pipe abandonment – A cement mixture is poured over sewer or storm lines to protect the pipes from the elements and inhibit collapsing or deterioration over time.
  • Slab jacking – Fast-hardening grout is pumped underneath a sunken concrete slab to lift it back up to its desired height and effectively level the entire floor.
  • Poly grouting – An expanding polyurethane foam is injected beneath a collapsed or settled slab to keep the floor height consistent throughout the entire structure.
  • Sinkhole remediation – We can identify areas that exhibit risk for a sinkhole and stabilize those areas to prevent costly damages. Additionally, we can help to rebuild and reinforce foundations already compromised or damaged by the occurrence of a sinkhole.

Our Warranty for Pressure Grouting & Structural Support Services

ESOG is committed to giving you peace of mind, no matter the size or complexity of your project. When we perform pressure grouting for you in Chattanooga, you’ll receive a life of the structure warranty. If you decide to involve our licensed structural engineer in your project, you’ll be covered from start to finish—materials, labor, and even the design plan—all under warranty.

Schedule a Consultation for Pressure Grouting Service in Chattanooga

To learn more about the pressure grouting services we provide for property owners throughout Chattanooga, TN, contact Engineered Solutions today. Feel free to fill out the “contact us” form found right here on our website, or give us a call. If you do, you will speak with one of our qualified representatives who can gladly provide any additional information regarding our pressure grouting options.

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