What Are the Most Applicable Types of Shoring Services Available in the Atlanta, GA, Area?

Shoring for Excavation Atlanta GAIn Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the surrounding region, soil is loosely packed, weak, and damp due to climate conditions and several other factors. As a result, excavation for construction sites can prove difficult, and soils may shift suddenly or collapse, causing damage to any nearby structure. That is why it is important to shore soil during excavation and ensure that it remains firmly in place to allow for foundation pouring and building construction. There are many shoring services that are appropriate for shoring.

Common Shoring Methods Used for Excavation

Some of the most commonly used shoring techniques for shoring loosely packed soils in the Atlanta, GA, area during excavation of commercial structure site, include the following:

Pressure & Compaction Grouting

Pressure grouting, also known as compaction grouting, is a geotechnical service designed to densify loose, granular soils, reinforce grainy soils, and stabilize sub surfaces to increase their load-bearing capacities. A low mobility grout is injected into the ground to fill in voids and weak areas in the soil. It can be applied for excavation to sturdy earth retention systems and hold soils firmly in place.

Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is perhaps the most popular shoring method compared to pressure grouting and micropile installation. Soil is excavated, typically in three to six feet stages. After each stage is dug out, long steel sinews (soil nails) are inserted into the excavated soil and cemented in place. Soil nail walls are help firmly in place and are the perfect solution for stabilizing slopes, preventing landslides, and supporting excavations.


Micropiles are not as common for excavation projects as pressure grouting or soil nailing, but in some cases, they can be very effective. For example, lines of micropiles with wood lagging can be the perfect solution to shore excavation walls that are required in confined areas.

Shoring Services from Engineered Solutions

At Engineered Solutions, we proudly offer all of these shoring solutions, as well as many others, to commercial customers throughout the Atlanta, GA, area. For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, contact Engineered Solutions today.

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