Reliable Sinkhole Repair Services Available in Montgomery, AL

Sinkhole Repair Montgomery ALIf you’ve had a sinkhole form on your property in the Montgomery, Alabama, area, it’s important to take action right away to prevent personal injury, property damage, or further erosion. Fortunately, Engineered Solutions of Georgia is only one phone call away. We’ve been providing reliable sinkhole repair services to customers throughout the southeastern states since 2007. Our team of geotechnical specialists can work with you to not only repair your sinkhole but to prevent a similar situation from arising in the future.

How Do Sinkholes Form?

There are two different types of sinkholes known as “cover subsidence” and “cover collapse.” Cover subsidence sinkholes form slowly over time as the bedrock underneath the surface of the ground deteriorates. The thick layer of sediment that sits atop the bedrock eventually crumbles and falls down into the void, causing the sinkhole to form. Because these sinkholes form slowly, you can usually see a circular depression forming in the ground before they completely collapse.

Cover collapse sinkholes form quickly and without warning. These sinkholes are usually caused by weather-related events, such as flash flooding, that rapidly erode soil structures. When this happens, the subterranean sediment is washed away, creating an immediate void and causing the sediment cap to collapse. Because they form without warning, cover collapse sinkholes are usually much more hazardous.

Stand on Solid Ground With ESOG

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we have extensive experience fixing both cover subsidence and cover collapse sinkholes; whichever kind you’re dealing with you can trust us to perform a proper repair. We use a wide range of sinkhole repair techniques ranging from underpinning to compaction grouting. All projects that are overseen by our in-house structural engineer are backed by a triple warranty that covers materials, design, and labor.

To learn more about the sinkhole repair services we provide throughout the Montgomery area, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.


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