A Proven Solution for Concrete Slab Failure in the Nashville, TN, Area

Business owners and property managers in the Nashville, Tennessee, area facing issues with deteriorating concrete slabs now have a reliable ally. Whether dealing with a compromised concrete floor, loading dock, driveway, or sidewalk, the challenges of cracked, sinking, or unstable concrete surfaces can be efficiently addressed with the expertise of Engineered Solutions of Georgia. As a specialized construction company, we offer a comprehensive array of ground engineering services, prominently featuring poly lifting—a highly efficient and effective solution for tackling problems arising from concrete slab failure.

Why Concrete Slabs Fail

Even well-constructed structures are susceptible to minor settling and shifting over time due to natural forces like pressure, erosion, and friction affecting the earth beneath buildings. Concrete slabs, being heavy and relatively inflexible, may crack or sink when the underlying soil undergoes shifts.

Concrete slab failures are notably common in structures predating 1950. In that era, geological surveys were not as comprehensive, potentially leading to inadequate assessments before construction.

Why Choose Poly Lifting to Raise Concrete Slabs

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, our primary method for repairing concrete slab failures is the poly lift system. This innovative concrete leveling technique deploys polyurethane foam injected into the void beneath a concrete slab. As the foam expands, it elevates the concrete to a more level position. Once cured, the solidified poly foam establishes a robust foundation for the concrete slab. Poly lifting excels as a ground engineering approach due to its faster curing time compared to traditional mudjacking’s cement-like grout. Moreover, the cured foam is water-resistant, eliminating erosion issues often associated with hardened grout.

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For detailed insights into the concrete leveling solutions tailored for commercial customers in the Nashville, TN, area, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia. When you do, ask about our triple-protection warranty that covers labor, materials, and design.

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