Slab Jacking Repair Services Performed for Customers Throughout Birmingham, AL & Beyond

Slab Jacking Birmingham ALSlab jacking, otherwise known as “mud jacking”, is a geotechnical service from Engineered Solutions designed to repair sunken concrete slabs that have caused a potentially dangerous uneven surface. Sunken slabs are common throughout Birmingham, Alabama, and the surrounding Piedmont region due to the loosely packed soils that plague the area. With this weak structure, it is common for the soil to collapse or shift, which can cause concrete slabs to collapse and floors to move. When this happens, the resulting uneven flooring can be potential hazard for construction workers or employees.

Engineered Solutions’ slab jacking process is the perfect remedy for this issue, and we are experts in dealing with the poor soil structures found throughout Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas. We have honed our techniques through years of experience, and our design-build team can confidently complete almost any repair project. When we are called to a slab jacking job, we:

  • Start by fully examining the area in question and then formulate an appropriate plan to fix the sunken or fallen slab
  • Drill access holes into the sunken or damaged concrete in strategically placed areas to maximize lift when slab jacking begins
  • Inject our cement grout slurry mixture into the voids that caused the concrete slab to sink
  • Fill the voids beneath the surface until the concrete slab is level with the surrounding area
  • Patch the access holes and touch up the area to ensure a clean and complete finish

To learn more about our slab jacking process or any of the other geotechnical services we perform for commercial structure owners in the greater Birmingham, AL, area, contact Engineered Solutions today. One of our representatives can answer any questions or help you schedule a consultation for your structure.

“Engineering solutions provided excellent customer service and able to answer all pre-work questions allowing me the comfort for the extensive work performed. Very professional company and willing to recommend their services in the future.”

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“Very knowledgeable, explains the process, quick scheduling, the crew were respectful, completed the job as scheduled & work was above par!!! We would Highly recommend them for any commercial/residential needs that you have.”

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