This Geotechnical Services Company Offers Slope Stabilization Solutions for Atlanta, GA, Businesses

Soil nail wall at a construction siteMuch of the soil in the Atlanta, Georgia, area is loosely packed and susceptible to sudden shifts. This can make building a foundation or performing earth retention a risky proposition because weak soil can collapse into a construction space or move after a structure has been completed, putting not only the foundation at risk but the entire structure as well. To properly stabilize the ground on which you’re planning to build a structure, Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers slope stabilization services that can prevent any foundation or structural damage from occurring.

Slope Stabilization & Other Ground Improvement Services

Backed by more than 150 years of combined experience, our team of geotechnical experts utilize the most innovative and efficient methods of ground engineering. Two of our most common slope stabilization services are:

Soil nail wall construction

A soil nail wall is a cost-effective support solution for Atlanta-area properties because it can be installed faster and with fewer materials than other support options. Its smaller overhead construction requirements allow for easy installation in tight spaces, making soil nail wall installation the preferred technique for commercial projects in urban areas.

Helical anchors

Also called helical tiebacks, or screw anchors, these large, metal shafts that are threaded at the end like a screw reinforces a foundation by holding its walls upright. Helical anchors can be used to secure new foundations or repair existing ones and are appropriate for lighthouses, roads, rail, telecommunication, and many industries that require fast installation or routinely build near existing structures. Helical anchors can be used as a permanent retention solution or as a temporary slope stabilization.

For more details about the slope stabilization services we offer to commercial clients in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding region, contact Engineered Solutions today. As a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), we are committed to providing lasting ground engineering solutions.

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