Slope Stabilization Services for Businesses in the Charleston, SC, Area

Slope retention construction work Backed by more than 15 years of industry experience, the team at Engineered Solutions of Georgia is deeply knowledgeable about soil types in the Southeast and offers slope stabilization services that can prevent many types of foundation or structural damage from occurring. As construction project managers know all too well, much of the soil in the area is loosely packed, making it susceptible to sudden shifts, which creates unstable ground conditions. If the ground is not properly stabilized, a new building’s foundation can sink or settle unevenly, compromising the building’s structural integrity. Fortunately, builders and developers in Charleston, South Carolina, can avoid these scenarios with cost-effective slope stabilization services from ESOG.

Slope Stabilization & Other Ground Improvement Services

The design-build team can perform a comprehensive analysis of your construction site to determine which of our soil stabilization methods will most effectively address your issues. We will design a custom-tailored solution within your budget range. Our slope stabilization services include:

Helical anchoring

Helical anchors are large, metal shafts that are threaded at the end like a screw and reinforce a foundation by holding its walls upright. Helical anchors are considered permanent solutions, but they can also be removed for a temporary project, if necessary.

Soil nail wall construction

Soil nail walls allow for easy installation in tight spaces, like under a bridge, which is why they are used widely for projects in urban areas. Because a soil nail wall can be installed faster and with fewer materials than other support options, it makes for cost-effective ground improvement.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Geotechnical Specialists

Engineered Solutions of Georgia has in-house structural engineers that can provide expert advice for your slope stabilization project. If you work with our engineers, you’ll receive warranty protection that covers materials as well our stabilization solutions. If you would like to know more, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today to schedule a consultation. We serve businesses throughout Charleston, SC.

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