Soil Nailing Columbia SCSoil Nailing from Engineered Solutions to Reinforce Commercial Structures in Columbia, SC

Soil nailing is a structural support solution used to provide soil stability for properties built on sloped or unstable ground. For over a decade, the geotechnical professionals at Engineered Solutions have helped property owners throughout the Columbia, South Carolina region achieve sturdier and safer foundations for their buildings using this comprehensive shoring technique.

Engineered Solutions’ soil nailing process starts with a thorough inspection of your Columbia, SC building’s foundation, as well as the composition of the soil beneath your structure. Once our team has identified any potential areas of concern, we will get to work creating a custom soil nail support plan to meet the specific needs of your property. After a plan has been decided upon, our highly skilled workers will begin by drilling deep holes into the ground around the perimeter of your structure. From there, long steel tethers are cemented into the earth and then tied to your building to make sure that the foundation is strong and secure.

Soil nailing is an excellent solution to prevent or repair foundational cracking, floor shifting, and concrete wall collapses. In addition, this structural support design affords several other great benefits including:

  • Adaptability – Soil nailing can be used to secure foundations that are in confined spaces, shaped irregularly, or even located near existing buildings.
  • Convenience – This support solution reduces sound pollution and traffic obstruction on projects where those two issues are a concern for property owners and project managers.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Soil nails are less expensive than some other structural modification services such as steel piles and helical piering.

To learn more about our soil nailing process or how this structural support solution can benefit commercial property owners in the Columbia, SC area, contact Engineered Solutions today.