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Basically, tiebacks are steel rods with anchoring mechanisms that are drilled through the ground, past the unstable portion of the soil, and into sturdy soil that has the capacity to withstand the weight of the desired structural load. Tiebacks are commonly used to help support and stabilize the foundations of both temporary and permanent structures. Other common applications include excavation retention, supporting basement walls, retaining walls, and roadway abatements.

How Tiebacks Are Installed

The technique used to install tiebacks is a process known as top-down construction sequencing. The first step of this process is to install soldier piles. Next, wood lagging is installed between the soldier piles to help stabilize the soil. Lastly, the tiebacks are installed through the wood lagging at different intervals depending on the amount of support that is needed to sustain the load.

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Here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we specialize in several different methods of foundation repairs, including the installation of tiebacks. We have tieback contractors and foundation repair experts who are ready to address just about any foundation problem you may have with a proven, time-honored tieback remedy. Our tiebacks are made of high-quality steel, and we install them using our state-of-the-art pressure grouting procedure. When you partner with us, no foundation is left unstable after we’re through with it.

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