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Timber Shoring Columbia SC

For over a decade, the team at Engineered Solutions of Georgia has provided customers in the Columbia, South Carolina, area with expert structural and geotechnical services, including timber shoring. Timber shoring is the process of supporting a building, vessel, or other man-made or natural structure with wooden props during construction or while making alterations. For example, a dilapidated building whose walls are in danger of collapsing may be propped while masons make necessary repairs. Likewise, when digging trenches for pipelines, sewers, or other subterranean systems, props are commonly used to reinforce the sides of the trench to prevent collapse in the event that the surrounding soil structures shift.

Why Timber Shoring May Be Right for Your Project

When compared to other shoring methods—such as using cement or steel props—timber shoring is often preferred because timber props:

  • Can be more easily resized on the worksite
  • Require less preparation before being installed
  • Are more cost-effective and can be more easily sourced
  • Are more ideal for lightweight structures

Here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, our in-house geotechnical specialists can work with you to devise and implement a timber shoring solution that addresses your unique needs. We understand that every project is different and presents its own challenges, which is why we are committed to providing a custom-tailored approach for each and every one of our customers. What’s more, we offer a triple warranty that covers labor, materials, and design to give you total peace of mind in your investment.

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To learn whether timber shoring is an effective solution for your project, or for more information on the other geotechnical services we offer throughout the Columbia, SC, area, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.

“Engineering solutions provided excellent customer service and able to answer all pre-work questions allowing me the comfort for the extensive work performed. Very professional company and willing to recommend their services in the future.”

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