Types of Foundation Repair Needed for Georgia Businesses

Types of Foundation Repair Needed for Georgia Businesses

Much of Georgia and other areas of the southeastern United States are plagued with weak soil structures, making this region particularly susceptible to sinkhole formation and other subterranean settlement. This can prove problematic for businesses and commercial and municipal structures such as factories, office buildings, strip malls, bridges, and highways. While some sinkholes, such as “cover-collapse” sinkholes, form rapidly and can result in catastrophic damages to life and property, another type known as “cover subsidence” form gradually and give plenty of warning. However, just because the latter variety form over time, they can still wreak havoc on surrounding structures by causing their foundations to shift, crack, or sink. When this happens, it is extremely important to contact a professional structural engineering company to repair and reinforce the foundation to prevent further damage from occurring.

Methods of Foundation Repair

An experienced foundation repair company will likely be well-versed in a variety of repair methods, but some of the most common approaches include:


Mudjacking, also known as slabjacking, is a foundation repair solution often used on commercial properties. As soil structures shift and settle over time, the concrete foundation slabs on commercial structures often begin to sag. To combat this, geotechnical engineers will perform mudjacking services, which involve drilling a hole into the ground and injecting a mixture of water and cement under the concrete foundation slab to raise it up to the appropriate level.

Foundation Piering

Foundation piering is another common repair process for commercial structures with failing foundations. However, rather than using a grout mixture as with mudjacking, foundation piering involves inserting large structural steel piers into the ground around the base of the foundation to strengthen it and prevent continued settlement.

Foundation Waterproofing

Even if a foundation is not shifting or sinking, it can still be problematic if it allows water to seep inside the structure. Regardless of whether this water seepage is due to hydrostatic pressure, cracks in the foundation, or the naturally porous nature of concrete, unwanted water infiltration can cause structural damage and contribute to mold and mildew growth.

A professional foundation repair company can provide a waterproofing solution by installing a vapor barrier, a drainage system, or a chemical sealant. In some cases, a combination of these methods is used to ensure a lasting solution. In fact, most of the time, foundation repair projects require thoughtful, out-of-the-box solutions that are specifically tailored to the nature and condition of the structure, its foundation, and surrounding substrate.

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