Underpinning vs. Helical PiersUnderpinning vs. Helical Piers Atlanta GA

Underpinning is the process of stabilizing and strengthening the foundation of an existing structure. This is done by driving large metal devices—often called piles or piers—deep into the ground until they attach firmly to a sturdy substrate that can evenly support the weight of the building. Helical piers are one method of underpinning and are quite popular among those looking to repair a cracked or sinking foundation because they are relatively cost-effective. Like giant screws, the helical piers are drilled down into the ground using a torque motor or helical gear motor.

Another common method of underpinning uses push piers instead of helical piers. Unlike helical piers, push piers are driven straight down into the ground using a hydraulic motor. One major advantage of using push piers over helical piers to repair a foundation is that each individual push pier can be tested immediately after it is driven into the ground to ensure that it has attached itself to competent substrate.

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