Void Fill Solutions Available in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Void Fill Atlanta GA

The Atlanta, Georgia, area is plagued by weak, loosely packed soil. The soil is susceptible to sudden shifts or collapses, which can be a major concern for commercial property owners. When soil collapses or shifts, it can create voids beneath slabs of concrete or even entire structures that can compromise structural integrity. Voids beneath concrete slabs can cause the concrete to buckle or crack, leading to extensive and expensive damage. Thankfully, void fill services from Engineered Solutions offer the perfect remedy for this problem.

Void Fill Services from the Pros at Engineered Solutions

When concrete deteriorates and voids are created beneath the surface, we understand the frustration and concern you may have. There is no need to worry when you turn to the geotechnical specialists at Engineered Solutions. We have the void filling expertise, materials, and equipment to ensure a quick and lasting concrete slab repair. Our process has been refined over the years, and when you turn to us for void fill services, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive inspection of the area, where we’ll examine the slab itself and the area beneath the slab to get a better understanding of how to properly address the situation
  • A professional installation where we’ll fill the voids beneath the slab or foundation and do so in a timely fashion to minimize the disruption to your commercial property or construction site
  • A quality assurance check once our work is complete to make sure it lives up to our stringent standards and yours

For even more assurance in our void fill services, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty for the work we perform on your project. This gives you peace of mind and helps you feel confident in your investment.

To learn more about the void fill services we provide to customers throughout the Atlanta, GA, area, contact Engineered Solutions today.