What are the Signs of a Bad Foundation?

What Are the Signs of a Bad Foundation

While foundation repair can sometimes be a complicated process, spotting the signs of a bad foundation is usually pretty easy. The most common indicators that a foundation is sinking or settling unevenly are cracks. All foundations sink over time and some small hairline cracks are to be expected; however, when you see such cracks widening or noticeably sprawling out, you should contact a foundation repair company right away.

Cracks in the walls and ceilings of a building, especially stemming from the corners of doorways and windows, are usually signs of a faulty foundation. Other signs of potential foundation problems include doors that stick when attempting to open and close them, or difficulty lifting and lowering windows. Likewise, if you notice a pitch or slant in a floor that used to be level, or if standing water tends to pool on one side of a room, the building’s foundation may be settling unevenly. On the exterior of a building, some of the major red flags include cracks in the chimney, foundation walls, or steps.

In order to know for sure whether your foundation needs to be repaired, it’s best to contact a professional. By performing a thorough inspection, a foundation repair specialist will be able to determine whether the signs you’ve noticed are false alarms or if your foundation does indeed need to be repaired.

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