What is Pressure Grouting & Why is it Important for Commercial Structures in Atlanta, GA?

What Is Pressure Grouting Atlanta GASimply defined, pressure grouting is a geotechnical shoring method that involves injecting a chemical grout mixture into soft, weak soils to fill voids and solidify the area. Solidifying the soils improves load-bearing capacity and protects foundations against future damage caused by shifting, moving soil. But, why is it important for commercial structures in the Atlanta, Georgia, area? Lets, explore why this is the ideal shoring method in the region.

The Benefits of Pressure Grouting in the Atlanta Area

The main reason that pressure grouting is such a popular shoring method in the region is because the area is plagued by soft, loosely packed soils. The soil structures are weak, and there are voids that exist within the soil, making it susceptible to sudden shifting, which can lead to extensive foundation damage. Injecting a grout mixture into the ground to fill these voids ensures that foundations are protected and capable of lasting a lifetime.

Pressure grouting is also:

  • Versatile – Pressure grouting can be used during new construction to solidify load-bearing soil before a foundation is built. But, it can also be used as a remedial solution or a preventive measure for areas that may become problematic in the future.
  • Cost-effective – Compared to the costs associated with failing, collapsing soils and subsequent foundation damage, pressure grouting is a valuable investment for commercial property and structure owners.
  • Easily applicable – Pressure grouting can be employed to solidify the soil beneath almost any type of commercial structure – ranging from warehouses and office buildings to roadways and bridges.

Pressure Grouting from Engineered Solutions

Here at Engineered Solutions, our design-build team uses pressure grouting and a variety of other geotechnical solutions to help preserve the structural integrity and longevity of structures and their foundations well into the future. To learn more about the pressure grouting services we provide for commercial customers in the Atlanta, GA, area, contact Engineered Solutions today.

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