What is Timber Shoring & Why is it a Valuable Investment for Commercial Property Owners in Birmingham?

What Is Timber Shoring Birmingham ALTimber shoring is an effective geotechnical method for providing structural support for commercial structures, such as warehouses, roadways, and bridges. It is an adaptable system for a variety of different situations, including jobs with small access areas and on projects where cross services are a concern. But, what exactly is timber shoring, and why can it be useful for your commercial project in the Birmingham, Alabama, area? Let’s take a further look at this effective geotechnical solution.

Timber Shoring – Defined

Timber shoring and timber pile installation are common solutions for deep foundation shoring. In fact, they are two of the oldest solutions for providing support and helping buildings maintain their structural integrity. Timber pillars – or piles – are installed into the ground around the foundation’s structure to provide support and protect the foundation against damage, such as cracks and bowing walls caused by sudden shifts in the soil.

The Advantages of Timber Shoring and Timber Pile Installation

Timber piles and shoring systems require far less preparation for installation than steel or cement piles. They can be easily installed with minimal prep and far less effort than their steel or cement counterparts. Additionally, timber shoring solutions are often more cost-effective than other forms of shoring, as timber can be acquired easily and at fair prices. Lastly, timber piles and shoring solutions are ideal for structures and facilities that are lighter in nature. Sometimes metal and cement are not necessary to provide the proper support. Oftentimes, timber piles can do the trick and be installed at a far more affordable price than other shoring solutions.

Timber Piles and Shoring from Engineered Solutions

At Engineered Solutions, we are proud to offer timber shoring and pile systems for commercial property and structure owners throughout Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding region. To learn more about our services, contact us today. We look forward to helping you find an honest, lasting solution for your foundation.