How to Tell When Foundation Cracks Are Serious

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Cracks in the foundation of a building are not uncommon. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find at least a few hairline cracks in any foundation you’re inspecting. However, that doesn’t mean all foundation cracks should be ignored—quite the opposite, in fact. Knowing which foundation cracks need to be repaired and which can be left alone without consequence is extremely important; the former can spare you costly structural damages while the latter can afford you much-needed peace of mind. That said, how do you know when a foundation crack is serious and requires professional attention?

The Width of Foundation Cracks Matter

The first thing you should consider is the thickness of the cracks. If they’re hairline cracks, that’s a good sign because even if they’re “serious cracks” it means you’ve noticed them early and can address them before they worsen. However, if you’ve noticed cracks that are more than ¼ inch wide, it might be wise to call a professional foundation repair company.

Some Types of Foundation Cracks Are Normal

Another good indicator of the severity of a foundation crack is its orientation. In other words, is the crack running horizontally, vertically, or diagonally? Oftentimes, vertical and diagonal cracks—especially if they’re hairline cracks—are simply indicators of foundation settling or shrinkage and are totally normal. While these cracks probably won’t worsen over time, patching them with cement is a good idea because it will prevent water from getting inside them and will give your foundation a neater appearance.

Horizontal Cracks Can Be a Sign of Foundation Problems

If your foundation cracks are horizontal, you might want to contact a professional as these are often the result of uneven foundation settling or possibly even sinkhole formation. Moreover, if the cracks you’ve noticed seem to be actively getting worse—if they were hairline cracks last week, but now they’re much bigger—it’s probably best to contact a professional, even if the cracks are vertical or diagonal. Other warning signs of foundation problems can include:

  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Doors and windows that stick or don’t close properly
  • Cracks in walls, especially near doors and windows
  • Gaps between walls and ceilings or floors
  • Sagging or bowing walls
  • Cracks in the exterior brick or masonry
  • Moisture or water damage in the basement or crawlspace

If you notice any of these warning signs, in addition to expanding foundation cracks, it would be wise to have a professional inspect your foundation to determine the underlying cause and recommend appropriate repairs.

The Foundation Repair Experts Serving the Atlanta Area & Beyond

For all your foundation repair needs, you can turn with confidence to Engineered Solutions of Georgia. Based in the Atlanta area, we’ve proudly served clients across the southeastern United States for more than a decade, offering a wide range of foundation repair services. We provide our clients with solutions that are firmly rooted in science. When you turn to us, our team will perform a thorough inspection of your building to determine which of our foundation repair services will most effectively address your issue. The ESOG team has extensive experience working on a variety of commercial foundation repair projects, including warehouses, office buildings, bridges, and dams.

To learn more about whether or not your foundation cracks are serious, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. You can fill out our contact form here, or call us at 678-290-1325.

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