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Sinkhole Remediation Atlanta GA

Sinkholes can spell disaster for structures both large and small, posing catastrophic property damage and threatening the lives of all who frequent the area. Unfortunately, much of the soil in the Atlanta, Georgia, area is loosely packed and granular, making it susceptible to sinkhole formation. If you’ve discovered a small depression on your property or have noticed that your building’s foundation is beginning to sink, turn to the experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia for swift and reliable sinkhole remediation services.

What Are Sinkholes?

Sinkholes are underground voids that form from the erosion of subterranean sediment. Sinkholes typically form from the bottom up, as rainwater and other runoff eat away at the granular, loosely packed soil structures that sit atop the bedrock. This void grows until the soil surface can no longer support the load it carries—or even its own weight—at which point the soil surface caves in. What makes sinkholes so dangerous is that, as they form out of sight, the ground above them usually appears normal until the moment of collapse.

How to Repair a Sinkhole

Engineered Solutions of Georgia has completed countless sinkhole remediation projects for businesses and commercial properties throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We offer a number of reliable sinkhole remediation services, as the method of repair used largely depends on the depth and diameter of the sinkhole as well as where it is located.  Two of the most common methods of sinkhole remediation we use are underpinning and compaction grouting. However, in some instances, we may even combine a few different techniques to adequately repair and reinforce the ground surface.

Underpinning for Sinkhole Remediation

Underpinning for sinkhole remediation involves stabilizing and strengthening the ground beneath a sinkhole to prevent further sinking or collapse. It typically begins with a site assessment to understand the extent of the sinkhole and the underlying geology. The ESOG team then excavates the area around the sinkhole and installs supports, such as steel beams or helical piers, into the stable soil or rock layers below. We then inject a grout mixture into the surrounding ground to fill voids and enhance soil stability. This technique redistributes the load of the structure above the sinkhole onto the installed supports, providing a solid foundation and mitigating the risk of further sinkhole development or structural damage.

Compaction Grouting for Sinkhole Remediation

Compaction grouting serves to strengthen soil structures and eliminate subsurface voids by injecting a grout mixture into the ground. The process involves the initial drilling of holes into the ground, followed by the insertion of an injection pipe until it reaches a stable substrate. After that, the grout mixture is gradually pumped into the ground while the pipe is withdrawn. This technique creates a series of overlapping grout bulbs that expand to reinforce the surrounding soil structures.

Turn to the Experts at ESOG

To learn more about the sinkhole remediation services we offer throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. Our in-house structural engineering team and geotechnical experts will be happy to address any sinkhole problems you are having and help you devise a lasting solution to your sinkhole issues.

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